Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nothing Could Stop Me

I want to be a fast car,
be lightspeed on highway,
driving with no fear,
heading to my aim.

The cops are everywhere,
the unseen speed trap,
that is so challenging,
but there's nothing could stop me.

I'm driving 180 miles per hour,
the nitro is taking over,
I'm reaching my full power,
cause there's nothing could stop me.

Last few words from me,
the tank is getting empty,
fuel it up and continue my journey,
cause there's nothing could stop me.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

No Worry When We Were Kid

I always remember when we were kids.
No worry up in our head. 
Just wake up and live then sleep. 
No worry when we were kids. 

The bell is ringing.
And the sun is rising.
But we still on our bed,still in our dream.
No worry when we were kids.

Fill the day with playing around.
Turn on tv and gain fun.
Sing along and dance.
No worry when we were kids.

Now,there are  loads on our shoulder.
Some are unnecessary,the problems we bring together.
Work all days,no mean of live.
That makes me remember we have no worry when we were kids.

It give such a memory.
Don't think too much.
No headache,no heartache.
Everything's okay because no worry when we were kids.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Westlife: The second biggests selling artist of the 21st century!

According to the list posted on reliable source about music sales “Haven”, Westlife are, to this date, the 2ND Best Selling Act of 21st Century, just behind Robbie Williams. YAY! Big Congratulations to Mark and the lads for such a huge achievement

BEST SELLING ACTS OF 21st CENTURY (Up to 25 March 2012)

01. Robbie Williams – 14,043,554
02. Westlife – 11,703,404
03. Coldplay – 10,723,737
04. Take That – 10,698,446
05. Eminem – 8,764,179
06. Michael Jackson – 8,560,586
07. Michael Buble – 7,864,929
08. Madonna – 7,279,423

Credit/Source: haven / Kianegandaily.com

Monday, April 2, 2012

McFly’s Tom Fletcher to write for One Direction’s new album?

Tom Fletcher has revealed that he will once again work with One Direction on their new album.

The singer from boyband McFly worked on the boy’s debut record ‘Up All Night’ and admitted that he has been approached by the 1D management about adding a couple of tracks to their follow up album.

Speaking to The Daily Star, Tom said: “I haven’t been given a brief as to what kind of song they want from me, we’re just waiting to see what I come up with.”

Fletcher added that he finds it easy to write for the five piece X Factor group, as he sees many similarities between his band McFly in their early days and where 1D are now.

He thinks his experience will help him pen tracks for the young stars and added:

“Some songwriters have never been in a band, but the One Direction guys can relate to me, as I’ve been through the same kind of experiences as they have.

“When I’ve been in the studio with them, the manic atmosphere was just the same as when we made our debut.”

Fletcher has written or co-written ten UK number-one singles, which is quite a record!

He was behind Busted hits “Crashed The Wedding,” “Who’s David?,” and “Thunderbirds” and “Five Colours in Her Hair,” “Obviously,” “All About You,” “I’ll Be OK,” “Please, Please,” “Star Girl,” and “Transylvania” for McFly.

Tom also wrote “On a Rainbow,” the official song of the 2012 Summer Olympics’ mascots Wenlock and Mandeville, he also wrote the song “I Want” for One Direction’s first album.

For their second release, 1D will be once again working with ‘A Team’ hitmaker Ed Sheeran on penning some tracks and Louis Tomlinson recently revealed that he wants the whole thing to have a more grungy feel, adding:

“We want to take the next album into a different zone – more guitars and grungier.

“We like the sound of a real guitar on tour, we beefed up the live show so now we want to take it onto the album.”

Listen to Tom's song for 1D-I Want above :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fake,Truth , Reveal

The Strong says they will protect The Weak ~but The Weak was on the top of The Strong's victims.
Lovers say that they loved their lover ~but most of them only LIKE,not LOVE.
They said HEAL the WORLD by planting the trees ~but they DESTROY this world by WAR.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Song About A Song

I take this holiday too long

Maybe I could write a song
About the way I feel

I hope people don't get me wrong
Every words that I write in the song
If it was real

But I'm stuck in the middle
I cant finish it even it's simple
Maybe because I've got no talent here
Hope I will thinking of something better

It's getting harder to hold the chords
How can I read a music notes
Play the musics that I create

Though it is easy but it's not
Without talent it can't be hot
But I'll never wake the hate

But I'm stuck in the middle
I cant finish it even it's simple
Maybe because I've got no talent here
Hope I will thinking of something better

Monday, May 9, 2011

Villa On The Hill

Hi.It's me.I left for a vacation about 8 days,for a week.Everything is just fine,except one~Villa on the Hill~~~~

~ Villa On The Hill ~

Villa on the hill
The air is cold
The view is bores

Villa on the hill
Where the sound is killed
and silence is real

Villa on the hill
Something's wrong on the food
and the drinks are not so good